Sustainable tourism: a commitment to the present and the future

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Sustainable tourism: a commitment to the present and the future

Sustainable tourism has been consolidating for years as one of the most important good measure to curb the masses and guarantee a good holiday inertia among the inhabitants of a place.

In other words, it consists of maintaining a balanced ecosystem so that more people can enjoy the same experience over an extended period of time.

If we want to find the exact definition of sustainable tourism, we just have to go to the World Tourism OrganizationThe UNWTO is an independent and reliable body. The UNWTO defines it in these terms:

"Tourism that takes full account of current and future economic, social and environmental impacts to meet the needs of visitors, industry, the environment and host communities.".

Therefore, any hotelhostel, lodge or accommodation business and activities can be considered sustainableas long as it complies with certain conditions. The typical city hotel for fairs and congresses can be as sustainable as one in the middle of the mountain for mountain sports.

The UNWTO definition itself makes us reflect on a number of issues related to the topic:

  • On the one hand, consider that tourism is fundamental in the labour market and productive in many countries, including Spain.
  • On the other, that mass tourism can wipe out the livelihoods of flora, fauna and people in the surrounding area.
  • Therefore, sustainable tourism stands out as ao the only alternative for the future versus the overcrowded in areas whose tourist involvement is fundamental.

Sustainable tourism in Spain

Although it may not seem like it, Spain is one of the great exponents of sustainable tourism.

Not in vain, the 50% of the offer of this type of tourism in Europe is on our side. It is normal considering the amount of reserves and natural sites that we have.

As far as we are concerned, in Sustainable Ibiza we have to say that more and more people are relying on this type of holiday to have fun, learn, get to know new environments ... without harming the environment.