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Sustainable tourism: a commitment to the present and the future

Th sustainability challenge is a balance where we have, on the one hand, the conservation of the natural heritage of Ibiza and, on the other hand, tourism as a source of wealth, generator of employment and economic engine of the island.

For this reason, the Consell Insular d'Eivissatogether with Ibiza Sostenible, has promoted a series of programs whose objective is to raise awareness and promote the sustainable tourism the length and breadth of the island.

The idea is to provide a solution to the environmental and social challenges posed by the visit of more than 3 million tourists a year that we receive.

Sustainable tourism in Ibiza: a challenge that needs involvement

According to the Insular Director of Turisme, Vincent Torres: "we have taken many steps forward in recent years in Ibiza and the Balearic Islands towards sustainable tourism, but we have not been able to achieve this. much work remains to be done between the Administrations, companies and the society of Ibiza".

He also argued that "an example of this can be found in that the 100% of companies tourism gives importance to the sustainability and to the conservation of natural resources, but only to the a 3% includes concrete actions in its programmes in this line".

Because of this, the Consell Insular de d'Eivissa has distributed materials provided by Ibiza Sostenible. Among them, we can highlight the eco-bottles, reusable bags and backpacksand more than 200,000 eco-ashtrays for tourists and regulars to the beaches of the island. The aim is to raise visitor awareness to be a more sustainable traveller. These ashtrays are available to the public in the Tourist Information Offices of the 5 municipalities and Ibiza Airport.

Among the recommendations proposed by Sustainable Ibiza and the public body include eating local and seasonal products, avoiding single-use plastics, taking showers instead of baths and respecting nature when parking.

Also since June 1st, access to Benirrás cove has been limited on Sundays in order to avoid the overcrowding that occurs, for which shuttle buses have been provided.

More sustainable, but also more accessible

Looking for sustainable development, we cannot forget the accessible one.

The Ibiza Sostenible team has presented the first map Accessible IbizaThe aim of the project is to provide an interpretative map of the island in relief and Braille, with the aim of promoting the universal accessibility and accessible communication. It also has a support that makes it easy for the visitor to choose between reading the text or listening to the voice-over in different languages.