Swimming Lessons

This service is mainly aimed at all those people who have a private or communal pool and want to enjoy all the comforts and advantages of being able to take swimming lessons without leaving their home.    

From 40,00 VAT included

Accessibility: Auditory, Cognitive, Physical
Children: Yes
Dogs: No
50 minutes
Level of commitment: High
Difficulty: Low
Language: English, Spanish

Swimming has a number of benefits.


For adults, it is a way of keeping fit with a low impact on bones and joints, it burns fat, combats chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes or cholesterol, improves the neuronal and cognitive system, and gives the body greater flexibility and elasticity.


Children improve their psychomotor development, their IQ is increased, they develop a better and stronger cardio-respiratory system, it is beneficial for the body's structure and muscle tone, it favours socialisation and helps the baby to feel more confident.


The timetable, days and number of classes per week are planned in advance, always seeking to adapt to the options that best suit your needs and interests. You can choose between individual classes or classes with family or friends.


Activities for all ages and levels organised in private classes or in small groups. :

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Swimming Lessons
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