Plogging - Do sport for the Planet

Join the "Plogging" movement and do sport for the planet. If you are environmentally aware, and you enjoy outdoor activities or practice sport on a regular basis, we invite you to take part in this activity. In addition to taking care of your body, you will also take care of the environment. The satisfaction you will feel at the end... we can't tell you about it, you have to experience it.  

From 25,00 VAT included

Accessibility: Auditory, Cognitive, Music
Children: Yes
Dogs: Yes
1.5 - 3 hours
Level of commitment: High
Difficulty: Low
Language: English, Spanish

Did you know that you can combine sports training with the care and protection of the environment?


The term "plogging" comes from the words "jogging" (jogging, running) and "plocka upp", which in Swedish means to pick up. The practice of plogging consists of picking up the garbage you find along the way and placing it in a bag while you practice your usual exercise.


It is not a sporting activity that seeks to beat the stopwatch, nor does it seek physical excellence or to cover long distances, instead it adds intensity and awareness to the exercise, and as there are movements beyond the technical gesture of running we can find benefits of toning and even reducing injuries.


We invite you to join this movement in the hands of professional instructors in a privileged environment such as the Natural Park of Ses Salines.


-1 hour Plogging Experience: Suitable for people who are not used to doing sport.

2-hour Plogging Experience: Ideal for people who are used to doing physical exercise on a regular basis.

-In addition to taking care of your body, you actively contribute to the conservation of the environment.


The activity includesA pair of gloves and a "Ibiza Sostenible" bag so that you will always have a pleasant memory of your contribution to the planet.


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Plogging - Do sport for the Planet
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