Ibicencan herbs workshop and tasting Café Caleta

In this workshop you will learn the elaboration of the famous Ibicencan herbs and you will taste the "café caleta". In addition to your own elaborations, you will take away a great experience and a few secrets.

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Accessibility: Hearing, Physical, Music, Visual Hearing, Visual Accessibility
Children: No
Dogs: Yes
1.5 - 3 hours
Level of commitment: High
Difficulty: Low
Language: English, Spanish

Th ibicencan herbs workshop begins with a short talk by Joan Tur, explaining his personal project, his decision to be an artisan company and not an industry, and the raison d'être of the botanical garden. After the talk, a pleasant walk through the botanical garden of Fluxà Ibiza begins, along which the 18 plants that will be used for the elaboration of the precious liqueur are collected. A walk in which there is no shortage of anecdotes and botanical and peasant information about each plant.

Beforehand, at the start of the visit, each participant was given a pair of gloves, pruning scissors and a basket for collecting the plants they will use to make their bottle of Ibizan herbs.

After the walk, comes the tasting of herbs, because you can't elaborate what you don't know well.
Around a large work table and led by Joan, the workshop attendees will introduce the different plants in the bottle with the help of the "fura". This is the moment to delve into the secrets of each of the plants, while appreciating their textures and aromas.

The process ends with the addition of the special aniseed provided by Fluxà Ibiza. The bottles are sealed and, after three months, it is time to open them to discover at home that we have managed to produce the best Ibizan herbs in the world, because there is no doubt: nothing tastes like "homemade"!

Throughout the visit, Joan will also reveal the secrets of another of our most typical recipes: that of the Caleta CoffeeThe tasting will be accompanied by homemade fritters.

At the end of the workshop, the two recipes and a diploma will be handed out.

The price of the workshop includes a 1 euro donation for the NGO Juntos and covers the cost of the bottles, the liquor, the herbs, the visit, the diplomas and the tastings.

Thursday - 18:30 Hrs. Don't forget to make your reservation.

Capacity per group: Minimum 8 pax - Maximum 25 pax

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Ibicencan herbs workshop and tasting Café Caleta
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