Hatha Yoga private sessions

In our increasingly demanding pace of life, it is important to have tools for better stress management and relaxation. Well-being and health have a direct impact on our state of mind, mind and body.  

From 60,00 VAT included

Children: Yes
Dogs: Yes
1 hour
Level of commitment: High
Difficulty: Low
Language: English, Spanish

It is the most widespread form of yoga in our society. The main objective of this modality is to strengthen the muscles of the body and give them elasticity through exercises based on body postures or 'asanas'. This practice seeks to control the body to also dominate the mind.


Benefits: Improve your flexibility, gain strength and mobility, relieve muscle pain and tension, improve your ability to concentrate, combat anxiety, give you a sense of calm and relaxation and improve your mood.


If you practice this discipline regularly, during your holidays it will be doubly effective, and if you have not yet dared to try ... This is your time!


Send us a message to book your yoga practice at the date and time of your choice and we will confirm it right away.

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Hatha Yoga private sessions
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