Electrostimulation Training in Studio

Electrostimulation is a suit with electrodes that covers the body connected to a machine with different training programmes with which it is possible to reach in depth the muscle fibres that are more difficult to activate by means of conventional training.


From 150,00 VAT included

Accessibility: Hearing, Music
Children: No
Dogs: Yes
50 minutes
Level of commitment: High
Difficulty: Low
Language: English, Spanish

Our studio is the first I-MOTION CLUB in Ibiza. We also work with our Bluetooth wireless system. Our suits are lighter, more comfortable and allow us to train anywhere without having to connect to any electrical network, since the duration of each battery of our belts is 4 hours.


I-motion is the only equipment on the market with intelligent EMS Software that automatically recalibrates the programmes within a training protocol and is able to self-adjust the intensity of the impulse on each muscle group intelligently.


Benefits of electrostimulation: Increases strength and muscle tone, improves the figure and reduces cellulite, strengthens the pelvic floor, the abdomen and tones the buttocks.


Training groups are small and places are limited. We recommend that you book in advance to secure your place.

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Electrostimulation Training in Studio
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