Gastronomic Tapas Tour in Ibiza

Fall in love with the island with this gastronomic tour! Come and explore the sights, sounds and tastes of Ibiza on a very special walking tour.  

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Accessibility: Hearing
Children: Yes
Dogs: No
3 hours
Level of commitment: High
Difficulty: High
Language: English, Spanish

We'll take you on a 3-hour tour of Ibiza town on a very special walking route, visiting the most charming restaurants, markets and shops. We will visit the most charming restaurants, markets and shops, and you will fall in love with the atmosphere of the island!


You will learn a lot about our gastronomy, which has been influenced by different cultures over thousands of years, and which is very interesting to know and taste!


We will take you by the hand to experience the tastes of Ibiza and Spain. From tapas and ham, to the famous Hierbas de Ibiza, tasting more than 12 different foods and 8 drinks, you'll love our flavours!


We'll also discover the stories behind the food, drink, owners and chefs - who doesn't like to know the ins and outs? We'll share all their secrets!


The tour starts at the statue of the sailors in the Port of Ibiza, once you have booked, we will send you a map with the location.


It's a very appetising plan! Are you up for a taste of the island?

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Gastronomic Tapas Tour in Ibiza
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