Dynamic Yoga Private classes

Our yoga classes are definitely a way to feel better, and this will have an impact on your performance as well as your daily life. Wellbeing and health have a direct impact on our state of mind, mind and body.

From 60,00 VAT included

Children: Yes
Dogs: Yes
1 hour
Level of commitment: High
Difficulty: Low
Language: English, Spanish

Dynamic Yoga is a modality derived from Hatha Yoga. In it, the POSTURES follow one after the other in a harmonious rhythm that connects body and mind, benefiting both.


Although on a physical level, it is an intense workout that works on strength and flexibility, it cannot be considered a mere gymnastic exercise, because in dynamic yoga, concentration is essential to advance in the knowledge of one's own being on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual...


If you haven't tried it yet, there is no better time than during your holidays to get started in this discipline. If you already practice yoga, whatever its modality, you can continue doing it while you enjoy your rest.


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Dynamic Yoga Private classes
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