Double dive for certified divers

At SCUBA IBIZA Diving Centre we dive in Ibiza and Formentera. At many dive sites, we have anchorages that provide us with a safe mooring, while protecting the seabed and the valuable Posidonia oceanica meadows. Our aim is to ensure safe, relaxed and environmentally friendly diving.  

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Accessibility: Hearing, Physical
Children: Yes
Dogs: No
4 hours
Level of commitment: High
Difficulty: Medium
Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese

Como buceadores certificados, recomendamos la salida de doble inmersión de la mañana puesto que los puntos de inmersión son más variados y hay mejores condiciones de luz.

The highlights of our dives are the excellent visibility (up to 30 metres) and the variety of underwater landscapes: caves, wrecks, walls with beautiful gorgonian sea fans, spectacular shallow dives and a beautiful landscape of posidonia meadows. The crystal clear waters and unbeatable visibility are due to the posidonias; the best preserved in the Mediterranean and a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site.

You can bring your own equipment, we include ballast and bottle, or rent it (includes computer, but not spotlight).

Important - please note that on a single dive you have to wait a minimum of 12 hours from the end of the dive until you get on a plane.

Children from 10 years old can participate in this activity under parental supervision.

In Spain it is compulsory to present a diving licence to dive, we also need you to indicate: your diving qualification, if you have a NITROX qualification, and what your consumption is like in order to determine the size of the tank that will be assigned to you.

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Double dive for certified divers
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