Bes Ibiza Travel was born in 2017 promoted by the team of IBIZA SUSTAINABLEcoinciding with the declaration of the UN as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

With the collaboration of the Gobern del Consell and Foment del Turisme, we focus our mission on the importance of promoting local initiatives, activities and experiences that work with respect for the environment and place Ibiza among the best eco-touristic, sustainable and creative destinations in Europe and the world.

Why Bes...

In the past Ibiza was known as the island of Bes in honour of a very significant figure, the "God Bes"a genius of the Egyptian mythology, protector of the dreamthe joy and the dance.

He is identified with love, pleasures, music, laughter and good humor.

Committed to...
Eco Tourism: We organize and promote activities and tourist trips that generate positive impacts on the island and society, being in absolute coherence with the principles of permaculture and sustainable development.

Creative tourism: The team at BES IBIZA TRAVEL likes to innovate and we know how to interpret the wishes of visitors very well. That is why we organize tourist activities in Ibiza that offer each person or group the opportunity to develop their creative potential by actively participating in courses and manual, mental or learning experiences that also involve a real involvement with the traditions and inhabitants of the island.

Accessible experiences: 56% of people with reduced mobility and other disabilities give up going on trips or holidays due to the lack of accessibility in tourist destinations. From BES TRAVEL we aim to contribute to the normalization of tourism for all people and inform in detail about the accessibility of tourist resources and their characteristics.