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Sustainable tourism: a commitment to the present and the future

The challenge of sustainability is a balance where we have, on the one hand, the conservation of the natural heritage of Ibiza and, on the other hand, tourism as a source of wealth, generator of employment and economic engine of the island. For this very reason, the Consell [...]

Sustainable tourism: a commitment to the present and the future

Sustainable tourism has been consolidating for years as a good measure to curb mass tourism and ensure a good holiday inertia among the inhabitants of a place. That is to say, it consists of maintaining the ecosystem in a balanced way so that more people [...]

900 bars and restaurants in Ibiza, committed to recycling

The NGO Ecovidrio, in collaboration with the Consell de Ibiza, has launched a summer campaign called Green Flags Movement. This initiative aims to encourage recycling in catering and leisure establishments, which have welcomed the proposal willingly. [...]

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We are a platform where local artisans, artists and creatives share and make known their art and passion, always respecting the environment, traditions and the community.